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Blockchain Professional

Louis Ong is a blockchain industry consultant who has been enthusiastic about new technology since he was a young boy. He co-authored the book "Blockchain: A History," and is co-founder of The Internet of Things. He is also director of... (Read More)

Louis Ong Portfolio

Louis Ong is a blockchain industry consultant and C++ developer based in Vancouver, Washington. He developed a passion for new technology as a teen and would fix old computers for pocket money. He attended Washington State University where he obtained a Bsc and Msc in Computer Science, with a focus on Data Science. He was offered to do a PhD but declined, choosing to gain professional experience instead. Following graduation, he worked as a web developer while maintaining a strong interest in algorithms.

Louis began his career fresh out of college at a time when cryptocurrency was still in its infancy and recognized its potential as an alternative form of payment and as the currency of the future. To him, cryptocurrency was a way of being free from the established financial system, as he highly values both financial as well as personal independence. He has been working on and thinking about the best way to secure wallets ever since.

Louis joined TechCrunch in 2013 and a year later founded the CoinDesk Research Lab at Washington State University Vancouver along with Andrew McInerny, Gavin Wood, Daniel Zawada and Thomas Gist. He is also the co-founder of The Internet of Things. As a writer, he co-authored the book “Blockchain: A History”. Louis created the startup accelerator Uno where he ran several technology startups in the Vancouver area such as Open Bazaar and Bitcoin Embassy. He hosted the Vancouver conference for Vancouver enterpreneurs and businesses.

One of his current side projects focuses on creating a hardware wallet for users of cryptocurrency which he is working on with his colleague, Thomas Gist while another consists of researching and exploring a new digital payment system for online gaming.

With an interest in educating students and professionals on the impact of new technology on society, he has been on numerous panels and presentations on the topic. He is the director of the Global Economics Program at the Mises Insitute and is a regular speaker at academic conferences, symposia and seminars. He was featured in news outlets including Financial Times, CNBC, The New Yorker and The Economist in 2015.

Louis is a hard and dedicated worker. He is passionate about implementing his interests and expertise in new technologies and finding the most effective solution for startup companies and is always eager to make new contacts. He has an advanced knowledge of programming languages including C++, HTML and JavaScript and is fond of learning new ones. Additionally, he has a wide range of expertise in financial tech and business development and has gained a lot of experience with blockchain technology.

Louis Ong lives in Vancouver, Washington with his wife, Vivian. The couple raised their children in Portland, Oregon where they had initially started their own business where his wife worked as a cashier and his son as a server, before moving to the Vancouver suburbs. In his free time, he enjoys kayaking and is a passionate collector of second hand computer hardware. He also is a proud supporter of the Seattle Seahawks football team.

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