Louis Ong

Blockchain Professional

Louis Ong is a blockchain industry consultant who has been enthusiastic about new technology since he was a young boy. He co-authored the book "Blockchain: A History," and is co-founder of The Internet of Things. He is also director of... (Read More)

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Earn a Living in Cryptocurreny

Below is a guide to get you started on your path to getting rich through cryptocurrency investing. This guide is aimed at the novice investor who just wants to get into this business and start earning money through cryptocurrency trading and investing..

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My Thoughts on New EU Rules

The privacy of European cryptocurrency users will potentially be dramatically impacted by new EU anti-money laundering legislation. While there are a number of important changes underway for the crypto market, there are a few provisions that should be studied carefully to see if they have the potential to affect the privacy and safety of users.

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How Blockchain Affects High Finance

Blockchain technology will revolutionize the way we do finance. Blockchain can't replace the old legacy finance systems, but can add new layers of transparency and security. In spite of what critics and skeptics might argue, this is the great undeniable advantage it has over the existing systems...

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